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Basic Qaida Course

Basic Qaida Course for Beginners

Qaida is the base of Quran learning. So, in this course, you will learn the essential guidelines, Grammar, rules and correct Pronunciation of Arabic alphabets properly.

Quran tajweed course

Quran Recitation Course

Tajweed and Tarteel are important for recitation of Holy Quran. So, in this course you will learn to make your recitation fluent with the help of skilled professionals

Female Teachers

Quran Tajweed Course

Quran recitation should be done with a proper pronunciation and correct origins. Therefore, being a Muslim we should follow its guidelines for reciting according to Allah’s commands

Basic Qaida Course

Quran Memorizing Course

Memorizing Quran is the blessing and Miracle of Allah that you are able to absorb the knowledge of Holy Quran by hearing. So, we offers best methodology to memorize Quran

Tajweed o Qirat

Tajweed O Qiraat Course

We have designed a short program for students who want to learn Quran with Tajweed and Rules of Tajweed.
Above all, Practice Holy Quran recitation like Qari’s. Certainly, Tajweed is the base of reciting the Holy Quran fluently and in a mesmerizing way

Quran tafseer classes online

Tafseer E Quran Course

Sirat AL Mustaqeem online is providing Tafseer E Quran for kids, females and adults. IIm short, to learn Quran Tafseer means to learn the meanings for the words of the Holy Quran so It is the most vital pillar of the Holy Quran to understand it

Basic Qaida Course

Quran Classes For Kids

Is finding a platform difficult that offers Quran online for beginners? likewise, want a safe online Quran learning platform for Kidrs or yourself?
No need to worry Sirat AL Mustaqeem online further, guides you with online Quran Classes for beginners.

Basic Qaida Course

Islamic Education Course

Learn all you need about the religion Islam for you or your kids. This course is certainly designed and customized based on students ages knowledge and needs.
Islamic education course covers a wide range of subjects accordingly

Sirat AL Mustaqeem best online Quran teaching Website

About us:

In the past few years, Sirat AL Mustaqeem has established itself as the best online Quran teaching website, above all it is the best choice for parents, who are wishing to educate their kids.

Moreover, we have made special initiatives to make sure that it provides best online Quran teaching, in addition to, quick easy and effective memorization. Also, after every class, student  will have better knowledge of the Holy Quran and Allah’s commandments

Above all, Sirat AL Mustaqeem is a best online Quran teaching website, that provides live classes to students around the globe.

In other words, our lessons are conducted in a very swish, timely, and efficient manner. As a result, students progress is in ascending order and he enjoys the classes.

Moreover, we provide extra online and tuition classes for students who have difficulty in learning.

However, our platform is designed to fulfill the desires of all age groups, likewise, kids, Adults, and beginners.

In short, our professionals provide best online Quran teaching. Therefore, our tutor’s panel consists of highly qualified, dedicated, and skilled lecturers. So to get the best online experience enroll now

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WHY CHOOSE  Best online Quran teaching website

Free Trial Classes

Our Academy provides trial classes for three days without any cost. For satisfying you with our teaching method. However, after trial classes it is your choice to continue classes or to leave.

Virtual Classes

Our online or virtual classrooms work like standard classrooms. For instance, our online classrooms have all the teaching tools available like face to face learning software

Lesson Recording

If you want to revise your new and old lessons or for instance launch complain about classes, we have recorded all sessions. Therefore, we can provide you with lesson recording video on your demand.

One to One Classes

Sirat AL Mustaqeem has set up one to one classes.Therefore, the teacher gives attention to an individual student for complete half and hour to guarantee fast and efficient progress of Students.

Approval Certificate

After completion of the course students will receive certificates in soft or hard copy, in other words completing the course successfully with  Sirat AL Mustaqeem will give you certificate

Team of Expert Tutors

We have created a strategy in which our team of expert online engage with a single student. And if they have any problem with their learning, so we have alternative teachers to solve problem

24/7 Classes

Student can choose their class at whatever time they want in 24 hours. according to their convenience and time zones, In other words take advantage of our flexible timings and start learning

Daily Progress Report

After registration we give ID and Password of student portal. In student portal student and parents can check course details, and daily progress reports.

Examination Process

We have 3 types of examination procedures i.e. monthly exams, quarterly exams, complete final course exams, from each student to track their improvements and their abilities so that next course could begin

When should Child start learning Quran Online

Certainly the child may not be developed mentally to understand or read the basic words of Noorani Qaida nor he knows how to pronounce words properly so a very humble and patient teacher is required to teach a child.

Secondly all countries, and states have different laws/rules pertaining to when a child is mandated to go to school.

If this is not the case in your country then the option is really up to you.

At what age Schooling starts?

The formal schooling starts around the age of 5 or 6 years of age. However,  Preschools are another option which some parents choose at the age of 2.5-4 years

In preschools children usually, thrive and learn skill sets that prepare them for further study.

That is to say, if you are thinking of preschool, then it depends on your child, when  he is emotionally ready to be away from home, his level of maturity (level of independence), ability to use the potty, and social skills.

 Student Feedback

Simple and Short Steps for Learning Holy Quran

Step 1

Fill registration form and wait for contact form admission department

Step 2

3 free trial classes will be taken for your satisfaction

Step 3

You will receive user details of student portal where you can know everything about course and attendance