Female Teachers

We have highly Qualified, Experienced and Mature Teachers

Female teachers are appointed for any of our Muslim sisters want to learn Holy Quran, they can learn it from our well-educated academy Sirat AL Mustaqeem.

We continuously seek well-educated and skilled female teachers for our students. Because we can’t compromise the future of our Muslim kids and adults. The woman is the most important unit of the family. So if learns well they will transfer that knowledge to the next generation. To teach our sisters at home, we have online Quran courses for females.

They can learn it from our best online female teachers. Our teachers have up to date with rules of reading the Quran like tajweed. They have good communication skills in languages like Urdu and English.

Our online courses are particularly designed for females living in countries like Canada, UK, USA, and Australia where gaining Islamic education is a bit difficult. If you didn’t get a chance to read the Quran as a child it is the best opportunity for you to learn it at any age. We have the best, well-educated, and efficient female Quran teaching staff for teaching and tutoring the book of Allah.

Our Teachers are

  1. Certified from reputed Institute.
  2. Best in communication and language skills.
  3. Having good teaching and lecture delivering method.

In Sha Allah We will provide the best and knowledgeable female teachers to our sisters. Our main objective is to you quality teaching.