About Islamic Education Course

Islamic education course covers a wide range of subject that are essential for every Muslims. So to learn about the religion Islam for you or your kids this course have been designed. Therefore, this course is personalized and customized based on students ages knowledge and needs.  Including but not limited to:


Quran learning through this course is divided into different sub-courses that include memorizing, recitation, Tajweed and Tafseer .


The Hadith represents a personal source of dividing guidance that Allah granted his prophet Mohammad (PBUH), which was similar in its nature to the Quran itself.


It rounds about belief in Allah and Tawheed, belief at the angles, beliefs at Holy Books, Holy Prophets, Belief at the resurrection and belief on predestination.

Basic Knowledge of Islam: 

This terms the basic and most important requirements for Muslims for instance:

  • attributes of Islam,
  • Six kalimah’s,
  • Wudu,
  • Ghusal,
  • Tyammum,
  • How to offer Salah and correction
  • Namaz memorization,
  • Traweeh Salah,
  • Method of Funeral Salah for adults and minor and

other more which we should need to adopt in routine life.

Pillars of Islam: 

In Islamic Education Course we will also talk about five pillars of islam i.e. Tauheed, Namaz, Roza, Zakaat, Hajj. It is obligatiory on every Muslim to keep account and practice of each of the pillars.

As every Pillar has its own importance priority and specific manner to follow or practice

Islamic History:

It covers the full history of Islam form the beginning of creation until recent history

In Islamic Education Course You Will Learn

  • Attributes of Islam
  • Kalimah
  • Method of Namaz
  • Wajibat of Namaz
  • Important Hadith
  • knowledge about Prophets
  • Knowledge about Revealed Books
  • The life of Holy Prophet
  • Seerat un Nabi (PBUH)
  • life of beloved Companions

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