About Sirat AL Mustaqeem

Learn Quran Online and Islamic Education

What is Sirat Al Mustaqeem

Sirat AL Mustaqeem is an online Quran Institute where you and your kids may learn about Quranic and Islamic education from highly trained and skilled teachers. They have many years of Quranic teaching Experience.

A long time ago, need of Online Quran Institute emerged since then Sirat AL Mustaqeem began spread of  Quranic and Islamic knowledge through an engaged online environment.

Our aim is to provide all of  our students all over the world with the opportunity to learn and improve the Arabic language through regular practice that fits into their busy schedules.

All courses are appropriate for individuals of all ages. Sirat AL Mustaqeem Institute educates both adults and children about Quran and Islam.Hereupon we customize and personalize each course’s lessons.

Why Choose Online Quran Institute

The most popular online Quran Institute provides the most effective education materials with you at this platform known as  Sirat AL Mustaqeem.

We will help you start practicing what you learn round the clock, not just during the lessons. And will place a strong emphasis on delivering interactive sessions for you and your entire family.

At each lesson of Sirat AL Mustaqeem, our professionals will evaluate your and your children ’s learning and development with the help of home assignments.

Then, to assure that you improved and developed in your sessions, we will assign tests for you to accomplish.

Moreover, Sirat AL Mustaqeem‘s one-on-one interactive live video sessions would allow you to learn Quran online whilst getting immediate feedback from our highly trained tutors, who provides you with the encouragement to keep going.

Sirat AL Mustaqeem is dedicated to help people in not only learning skills but also reading and developing interests towards Quranic teachings