About Quran memorization program

Quran Memorizing is the blessing and Miracle of Allah Subhanhu Wa ta’ala. Therfore, Sirat AL Mustaqeem online offers Quran memorization program.

Certainly, this program is designed for those students who want to memorize the holy Quran .

If you can’t find the Quran teacher near you nor you could find the right tutor then no worries. Siratul mustaqeem is here to guide you.

Each Muslim dreams of Memorizing the Holy Quran and understand its meanings. Above all, Quran is the guidance sent by Allah Almighty to his Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Allah Almighty said in the Holy Quran, ”

Indeed, it is We who sent down the Qur’an and indeed, We will be its guardian.

” (15:9).

In other words, each Muslim should memorize the Quran and encourage his/her children to do so.

Therefore, Sirat AL Mutaqeem native tutors guarantee perfect Quran memorization, correct Quran pronounciation and good Quran knowledge.

In Sirat AL Mustaqeem, we have specialized male and female native Quran teachers. They hold ijazah and are qualified to teach the Quran to children and Adults.

Mainly, these Teachers held immense information regarding the way of teaching Holy Quran.

The method of learning Holy Quran by heart is also called HIFZ. To clarify your queries you can always connect with these teachers.

In Quran memorization program, your Quran teacher will start with short Surahs to long ones, for easy and gradual memorization of all of the Holy Quran.

Your teacher will work on facilitating memorization. They will help you to overcome any problems with memorization, Tajweed or phonetics.

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In Quran memorization program You Will Learn

To clarify more about this course, we have listed down the topics:

  • Learn the 4 techniques of fast Hifz
  • learn the forgetfulness types and how can you solve these problems
  • Increas your memory abilities
  • Scan reading techniques
  • Advantages of Quran recitation by heart
  • Importance of becoming Hafiz/Hafiza

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