About Tajweed O Qiraat Course

Sirat AL Mustaqeem has designed a Tajweed O Qiraat Course for students who want to learn Quran with Tajweed, in addition with rules of Tajweed and practice the Holy Quran recitation like Qari’s.

However, Tajweed is the way of reciting Holy Quran perfectly with the right articulation and pronunciation.

In other words, Arabic letters are unique in nature, so words meanings changes if letters are lengthened or shortened said softly or clearly and the movements that act like vowels in Arabic words.

Therefore, improper and wrong reading will imply different meanings and this way the recitation of the Holy Quran will differ.

So, Tajweed is very important to properly understand the words in the verses of the Holy Quran.

Above all, we offer a wide range of highly professional techniques of teaching Arabic and its Tajweed with extra curricular activities.

This Course is designed for kids, male, female and adults of all ages with the best methodology of teachings, further with the help of expert Quran professionals.

This is  1 year course for students who want to learn. Our tutors have right knowledge in addition with the history of Tajweed to guide you.

So, they will not only guide you the implification of Tajweed, In addition they will also help you to achieve the practice that is needed. Only practicing regularly would improve your recitation, as a result.

To sum up, this Course would be adjusted to your needs and availability of time making your online home tuition one of the best online Tajweed-O-Qiraat course available for non-Arabic

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In Tajweed O Qiraat Course You Will Learn

To Further clarify our methodologies and topics we have summed up all the topics in order below, so that before starting this course you could develop a proper understanding:

  • The importance of Tajweed
  • The introduction of expertise reciters of Tajweed-O-Qiraat
  • Discourse about makharij-O-Sifaat
  • The importance of rules and principles of Tajweed
  • various Rules
  • The knowledge of Pauses during the recitation
  • Apply the correct rules of the pronunciation during the Quran Recitation
  • Understand the appropriate rhythmic tones of recitation
  • Beautify the recitation of the Holy Quran
  • Perfect your recitation of the Holy Quran

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